How to Get that Job!

All too often I have been a member of a selection panel and reviewed applications from people that I know are quite capable of filling the position, however they are rejected from the selection process because they do not understand and follow recruitment guidelines. This is particularly evident in less experienced applicants and those that are applying for a position from outside of the Australasian region.

Overseas applicants often make the mistake of assuming that the recruitment process in their home country is the same as that used in the selection process in Australia. For example, in the USA an application of more than a few pages is likely to be rejected for not being succinct enough. In Australia an application of less than a few pages will probably be rejected for not including enough detail or information. A common failure amongst all applicants is their failure to address the key selection criteria.

To try and help you improve your chance of gaining a position that you may apply for, I have prepared this information in an effort to explain how the recruitment process is undertaken in Australia and how you might improve your application writing skills and interview techniques. I hope that this information assists you in being selected for a position that you may decide to apply for.

Whilst this information is aimed at Keepers and others applying for jobs in the Zoo industry, the concepts and information provided is equally applicable to other industries. If you have any comments or questions about these resources, please feel free to contact me

Please click on the links below to download the relevant PDF documents.

Before you Start:

  • How are Zoo vacancies advertised?

  • Before you apply

  • Important details from the job advertisement to note

  • How is recruitment undertaken in the Australasian region?

  • Applying for advertised Zoo jobs in the Australasian Region

  • Employment conditions in Australasian Zoos

 Download "Before you Start"

How to Write Successful Applications:

  • Components of an application

  • Structure of the application documents

  • The cover letter

  • The resume (or CV)

  • Understanding Job Descriptions and Key Selection Criteria

  • Addressing the Key Selection Criteria/Person Specification

  • The final steps

 Download "How to Write Successful Applications"

 Download a sample CV

Interview Tips and Techniques:

  • Preparing for an Interview and helpful tips

 Download "Interview Tips and Techniques"


For those that are applying for a position from outside the Australasian region and are looking to work in Australia, useful web sites to visit include:

Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs:
(Forms and information for people who want to visit, work, study or live in Australia).

Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs:(Information about Australian citizenship, settling in Australia, the diversity of Australian culture, regulatory and legislative information and language assistance).

 Immigration New Zealand:
(Information on Work Visas, migration and working in New Zealand)











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