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The AZK international Husbandry Manual Registry aims to make freely available a list of all available Husbandry Manuals and the contact details for obtaining a copy of a specific Manual.

Until the creation of this registry there has been no central location where a listing of all Husbandry Manuals can be freely accessed. It is hoped that by providing this service, Keepers will be supported in their effort to improve the husbandry and welfare of the species they care for.

A number of Husbandry Manuals have been produced and are available to financial members of organisations such as ISIS, ARAZPA, AZA, EAZA etc, but I also know that many more Husbandry Manuals have been produced as "in house" or "Institutional" documents and it is these documents that I am particularly keen to see included in this registry.

For this project to continue to grow, I need your help! If you have written a Husbandry Manual, or know of a manual which is not included in this registry, could you please send the details to me.

Many thanks for your help!

To use this registry, please click on the menu below to go to the taxonomic group that you are wanting to locate a husbandry manual for. If you find a link that does not work or have other concerns in using this registry, please contact me


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