Australian Bird Study Association


Australian Museum Birds

  Australasian Raptor Association

 Birds Australia

 Birds Australia Parrot Association


 Parrot Society of Australia

Bird Observers Club of Australia

Birdwatching Australia

Conservation Committee of the Avicultural Federation of Australia

Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater

 New Zealand Birds Gallery


 Queensland Wader Study Group


The Australasian Wader Studies Group

 The Fabulous Kakapo

 Victorian Avicultural Council





 AZA Cracid TAG

AZA Coraciiformes Taxon Advisory Group

AZA Passerine Taxon Advisory Group

AZA Penguin Taxon Advisory Group

AZA Waterfowl TAG

Birds of Paradise

 Bluebird Recovery Program

International Crane Foundation

 Macaw Landing Foundation

PenguinKeeper (Yahoo List Serve)

RaptorBiology (Yahoo List Serve)

 Raptor Information System

 SORA (Searchable Ornithological Research Archive)


 The Aviary

 The Hawk Conservancy Trust

The Owl Pages

 The Peregrine Fund

 The Raptor Centre

Turkey Vulture Society


World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls (Yahoo List Serve)


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