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 Australian Insect Common Names


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Australian Native Bee Research Centre

Butterfly WebSite Best Nature Sites Award

 Caterpillars: especially Australian ones

Spiders of Australia

australianarachnids (Yahoo List Serve)

 Australian Museum Insects

South Australian Butterflies

New Zealand Cicadas: A virtual identification guide

 Friends of the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect)



 Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute

 North American Butterfly Association

Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera

The Virtual Insectary

 Digital Dragonflies

Entomology Research Program

 Doug's Tarantula Page

Arachnoculture Indice

 Butterflies of North America


Yahoo Beetle Discussion Group

American Museum & Natural History - Invertebrate Zoology

 AZA Terrestrial Invertebrate Taxon Advisory Group

 Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology



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