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Type in a keyword and click on "search" to use the powerful Google search engine to search web sites from around the world for the information you are after.


If you prefer to search in a language other than English click here to select a Google search in other languages.

GEsource is the geography and environment hub of the Resource Discovery Network. Enter a keyword and click "search" for a search of high quality web sites. For a broader search of topics, click on the link to Resource Discovery Network.

GEsource Search GEsource resources

 A keyword refining tool that provides additional keywords to help refine keyword searches using traditional search engines.

Yahoo List Serves
There are a number of e-mail lists that you can join at Yahoo Groups - below is just a few of them.

Zoo Biology List Serve
Join Zoo Biology  (restricted to Zoo Professionals). This is a moderated e-mail group which is a forum for professional Zoo Staff, although students and allied professions who wish to join may be considered. Over  3000 Keepers and allied professionals from more than 85 countries subscribe to this list serve.

To Subscribe to Zoo Biology send an e-mail to:
, leaving the subject and message area blank

When you subscribe, at the same time please send a separate e-mail to: giving your brief bio (e.g. collection, work area and interests). All details will be kept strictly confidential, however this step is to ensure that the group remains restricted to professional zoo staff.

Zookeeper List Serve


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